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    Best Cell Phone deals


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    Best Cell Phone deals Empty Best Cell Phone deals

    Post  brajan on Mon Jul 12, 2010 5:11 pm

    To all prospective students who are going to start their FALL 2010 semester at USC, one of the first things you would need is a cell phone. Through an exclusive partnership with, the largest online retailer for cell phones, you get some amazing specials which include:

    1. Instant rebates on most phones

    2. Lots of FREE Cell phones (on all carriers).

    3. USC Student discounts on AT&T. (upto 10% for a student & eligible up to 15% for qualified students)

    4. Exclusive bill plan discounts for T-mobile. (Upto 12%... which is an avg. saving of $10 per month for qualified students!)

    5. No activation fees for AT&T, T-mobile & Verizon. ($35 saving!)

    6. Average savings of about $35 (on activation) & approx. $10 per bill on family plans.

    There are a whole bunch of other offers as well & this is where I bought my cell phone. Check out this website for the deals:
    Zip code: 90033
    IBO code: 5147113

    Give me a call at +1-480-414-8798 or email me at to get some more details & I’d be glad to help you guys out. Cheers...

    Bharadwaj Rajan

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